Raised Wicking Bed – Clare Sheridan

It is lined with pondliner, a layer of fleece to protect the pondliner, a layer of rubble then some more fleece. There is an overflow pipe just above the rubble layer and a downpipe in one corner to water into the base. Plants can then suck up what they need.

1. The empty raised bed with overflow and downpipe in situ. 

2. The pondliner in place.

3. Layer of fleece and a layer of rubble 

4. A layer of fleece over the rubble and then the soil was added. 

5 Planted up bed with mizuna, mibuna, mustard,carrot Beta, Sweet pea, beetroot Devoy, broad bean Glos bounty, calendula, cavolo de Nero, sorrel, chives and oca.    

6. View down the garden with hazel arch to the raised bed